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We at AJ Web Agency provide IT-enabled business solutions to organisations and help them to remove traditional barriers, improve efficiency and raise productivity.


AJ Web Agency is managed by Ajay Pratap Sharma. He was really interested in starting his own buisness and left his Job in 2014 to work on individual projects. AJ Web Agency was founded in 2017. He started this company to establish a brand name. He personally works on all the project and has a team of 4 to assist him with the work.

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Need a Website?

Static or Dynamic we will build you a website and host it ourselves, the rates will be reasonable and we would love to help you out with any changes after our work is over.

Dynamic Sites: WordPress (preffered) or any other popular CMS.


This comes under websites section but trust me I get many queries asking for this even when I mention websites in services section.

Yes we do know how to manage them. Preffered: WordPress or Hugo (Static site generator) or any other CMS/SSG will do.

Other services

If I start listing all the services then it will be a long list. We would also love to manage your YouTube channel, I hope you get the general idea. If you have any requests then do contact us and get a quote before leaving this website.


Khesari Lal Yadav's Website

Khesari Lal Yadav is a singer, we manage and host his website. It is a static site with almost no dynamic content.


This info will be updated later

todo: update this info


Photo Editor

We need a Photo Editor who knows how to work with Adobe's Photoshop. Work will be light and salary starting from Rs. 8000.

Go to contact section to apply.

This section may provide outdated information, if you are looking for Jobs and have the skills required to work on the services we provide then contact me.


Phone: +91 86520-68152 (WhatsApp only)

E-Mail: info [at]

Address: 249, 2nd Floor, Mastermind 1, Royal Palms, Aarey Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400065

This is not the best way to contact me, your message might never reach me.